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I fucking love Unalaq.
That is all.

So, I was unable to watch Korra lastnight since the only computer in the house had a meltdown (gotta livestream that shit since there is no cable) so, does anyone know of a place that has the episode uploaded?

are my asks getting eaten or are people just like lolfuckchristian

posted 7 months ago

yakones-legacy said: UNALAQ PLS OMG PLS, PLSplsskshjfd


lol, I see you want me to make an Unalaq blog. 

Yes, very much so. You should do it. -nodnod.;


Taskforce Korrlok Illustration

Someone roleplay with me, send me asks—something. ._.

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So where are the Bolin roleplayers because I love him and I have a mighty need to rp with one so I can love them down.